Energy Services

Sustainability, carbon accounting, cap-and-trade, supply-side and demand-side energy management are industry terms and potential policies used to motivate corporations into taking accountability for their energy consumption. While there are mixed feelings about the impact energy consumption has on the environment, all corporations need to place serious effort behind reducing consumption simply to improve their bottom line.


Our energy services are tailored to address the rigorous demands of mission-critical facilities, while delivering business value by improving the bottom line. Our approach with every client is to first understand their business drivers and determine how energy can deliver their desired results. Our team then analyzes their energy use and makes sound efficiency recommendations that will deliver on their business goals. A partial list of energy services includes:

Energy Owner Agent 

We are passionate about energy and providing an unbiased approach to saving energy. We providing energy services to our clients to not only help identify and analyze energy efficiency projects, but also ensure that energy is not an afterthought during the project lifecycle which includes the design, vendor/solution selection, construction, commissioning, and ongoing facility operations.

Measurement and Verification (M&V)

Our team has IPMVP certifications to perform energy measurement and verification on all projects. We can create an M&V plan for each project to capture all energy savings including interactive effects on adjacent systems, have the plan approved by the local utility for incentive programs, and execute the plan to confirm energy savings and utility incentive level.

Utility Engagement 

Our team has extensive experience working with electric and gas utility energy efficiency programs throughout North America. We assist our clients by helping their projects meet the regulatory and utility energy efficiency program requirements. With our utility program management and engineering experience, we can sort through the complex utility program models to provide the necessary information to not only maximize the utility cash incentive but expedite the incentive process.

Energy Operational Standards 

We utilize our team’s operational knowledge of mission-critical facilities to help our clients develop and implement standards and processes to optimize the energy use at each of their sites. As most mission-critical facilities have a life of their own due to constant change in critical load, we take a continuous commissioning approach to optimize operational savings.